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We Survived The Spring Launch

Ok, so we never expected to not survive, but it is always tough to get 300+ boats ready in about 2 months. On top of the boats coming out of storage, we had an incredible amount of new boat sales to rig. The only thing we did not expect was the number of people who wanted to repower their existing boat with a brand new Yamaha outboard. We ordered an abundance of extra motors this year in case there was no inventory later in the spring and summer....we were right!

The most fortunate thing has been that we ordered so much that we still have Yamaha T50 motors available at this point in the season!

Before I talk about these T50s, let's talk about your old junker. Marine fuel is well over $6.00/gallon right now. Your 2-stroke (or even carbureted 4-stroke) outboard is using nearly one gallon of gas per hour just by idling around. If you open that throttle up, you're going to be sucking down the fuel like nobody's business. Fuel efficiency is by far one of the most important considerations when you go out on the water.

Now let's picture ourselves sitting on that ole trusty boat of yours. We're idling because it's the only way to keep your motor from chugging on that liquid gold we call fuel. Someone asks you a question. They're yelling. Why? Because that old hunk of junk is louder than your ex-girlfriend from high school telling people about how bad of a kisser you are. Yikes. That's ok. You're outboard doesn't care that you can't french kiss worth a crap, but it doesn't make it quieter.

Injection oil, oh injection oil. You beautiful, messy mistress. We either have to mix you in our gas or pour you into a container that has an opening smaller than your ego after your ex-girlfriend told everyone about...oh, you get the point. Let's forget the mess. You're probably good at it by now. Let's talk about the cost of that other liquid gold. The good injection oil is over $50.00/gallon. Mixing that up is going to run you dry. I guess it's better that your wallet runs dry than your outboard, right? Buuuttttt, what if your oil injection pump fails? Say goodbye to that motor. It's not a matter of "if", but rather "when".

"But TJ, what can we do about all of these issues?" Well, my friends, it is super simple. I introduce you to the Yamaha T50 4-stroke outboard.

Well, ain't she a beaut'? Coming in at 262lbs, it is a lightweight, fuel-efficient, alternative to that old beater you struggle to fire up every weekend. These T50s use a measly 0.3 gallons per hour at an idle, which keeps gas in your tank and money in your pocket.

"Wait it's running right now?" This is the most common question we get when we fire up the Yamaha T50 for a customer. No one wants their outboard to dominate the conversation, and this baby is so quiet that it'll keep all your secrets!

The best part about a 4-stroke for most 2-stroke owners is leaving that injection oil at the store. Just like your car or truck, you change the engine oil periodically. Don't mix your gas or spill that oil in the lake anymore!

Say hello to your new best friend, the Yamaha T50 High Thrust 4-stroke outboard!

Contact us today to get a quote on installation!

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